According to Brian Woo, an in-demand tattoo artist from Los Angeles, less is more when it comes to tattoo aftercare. This means that you should not overthink. If you do too much to take care of the tattoo, you might end up just irritating it. From using the best soap for tattoos to lathering it with the best lotions for the ink, you should live by such a mantra. However, it also does not mean that you should be careless. As much as possible, avoid activities that could negatively affect your new tattoo, such as swimming.

Swimming may seem fun, but it can put your tattoo at risk. Whether it is chlorine in the pool or salt-water bacteria in the ocean, they could cause an infection and can cause the ink to fade. With this, there is no wonder a lot are curious about how long after getting a tattoo can they swim. If you have no idea as well, read on and we’ll let you know the answer.

The Right Time to Swim After Getting a Tattoo

How Long After Getting a Tattoo Can I Swim: Not Too Soon

Not too soon! It is important that you give the tattoo the time that it needs to fully heal before you hit the swimming pool or the ocean. This is because the skin is still an open wound when the tattoo is fresh, and hence, you will be prone to infection. Whether it is in the pool, sea, lake, or hot tub, among others, it will be best to not swim or submerge the tattoo unless it is already fully healed. Ask your tattoo artist on the exact time that it will take before you can finally enjoy swimming.

On average, it takes about three weeks before you can finally swim after you get a tattoo. However, this can still depend on individual conditions. It would be best to pay attention to the scabbing or peeling of the tattoo. When the latter completely stopped, it is one of the best signs that you can already go for a swim.

Take note that while you cannot swim for about three to four weeks, this means that the tattoo cannot get wet. You have to take a shower, after all! Splashes of water from the pool or the ocean is not something that you have to be afraid of. Just do not submerge the new tattoo until it heals.

Stay Protected when Swimming

Aside from knowing the right time when you can already swim, you should also be familiar with the things that you can do for the tattoo to be protected when you are swimming. The best thing to do is to apply a sunscreen. Moisturizing the skin will also be necessary to hydrate it and keep the best appearance of the tattoo. Use a bandage if necessary. As much as possible, limit the time that you spend swimming. Also, after getting out of the water, it is important that you immediately clean your tattoo with an antibacterial wash and let it dry.