Your heart works 24/7 throughout your life. It is vital that you show it some tender loving care that you will live happy and healthy without having to endure any chronic health condition as a result of not having cared for your heart the way you should.

If you are used to certain health patterns and found that your heart is not provided the adequate help it needs to function well, change is inevitable. Changing a lifetime of habits may be your only option to save your heart and your life. It should not be a drastic change right away, however. You can take simple steps or make small adjustments to achieve your goal. It may take a while before you can see the effects of your efforts but it can also motivate you later to do some major changes in your health habits.

Here are 10 small steps that you can take to reach your goal of having a healthier heart.

Start with a 10-minute walk daily

If you have not been doing any exercise for a while, starting with a short 10-minute walk can bring you back to a healthier start. You can add more exercises as you get used to it after a while.

Tone those muscles

Begin with lighter weight objects – a two-pound weight, perhaps- several times throughout the day. This will help shape your muscles and allow the blood to circulate better in your body. You can add more weight gradually as you feel the weight is not enough anymore.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet

These are the default diet for a healthier heart. You can start the day with a serving of your favorite fruit. You can also add one to a serving of your cereal or pair it with a whole-wheat toast.

Don’t drink liquid calories

Sugar-sweetened drinks are more dangerous than sugar found in solid calories. Soda and a calorie-filled latte can add more calories if you won’t ditch those liquid calories. Opt for healthier options like fruit juices and plain healthy water.

Eat nuts

Several studies prove that nuts are quite nutritious. These wonder foods are packed with health-giving nutrients that are also good for the heart. It is a great choice to have them instead of cookies or chips for a snack. You can also toss some of these tasty nuts into your salad and other dishes.

Include fish in your diet

This meat from the sea is an excellent source of Omega 3 that is good for the heart health. It also helps normalize and maintain cholesterol triglyceride levels. Add fish and other seafood to your diet once or twice a week and see how healthy your heart will be.

Do some breathing exercises

Breathing slowly and deeply can help relieve tension and will relax the muscles in your body, including that of your heart. It can also help lower the blood cholesterol. So whenever you feel tense, just focus on your breathing. Take in air from your nose and slowly release through your nose. Do this several times and feel your body relaxing in the process.

Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently

A number of diseases may develop from the germs that you ingest through your hands. Make sure that you take care of your hands just as much as you take note of the things that enter your mouth. Infections brought about by the parasites and germs that you may have touched will not have a chance of entering your system if you make it a habit of washing your hands quite often and well.

Don’t forget your breakfast

And when you do, make it count. Have a healthy serving of fruits and whole grains. It’s an inexpensive yet healthy treat for your body.

Name your blessings one by one

Start the day by tapping on all other positive emotions. You can do this when you count your blessings. Acknowledge all the good things that you have acquired in your life. This will make you feel happier and more contented with what you have. If you feel happy and positive, your heart also feels better and will be a lot healthier.